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So we'll wait until sometime next spring, when the budget is conjured, to discover what the Clark stealth government has in mind since we haven't been able to find a pulse to take, unless you count the elevated heartbeat of the ministerial rats sinking the good ship Liberal party. With so many high-power politicos opting to spend more quality time with their family, I can't help but pity their families.

Unfortunately, what she probably has in mind is what PM Harper has in mind for the federal budget: more cuts to personnel, more cuts to service, the quest for more imaginary "efficiencies" — like putting some IT wonk in charge of ozone tracking — and more discord in the public service.

What we're not likely to find is more money for education, health care or infrastructure. Unless you count the additional wasted millions earmarked for the White Elephant on the flank of Blackcomb mountain. Some things are sacrosanct.

Time to medicate.