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Letters to the Editor for the week of March 8th, 2012

Not a waster of tax dollars


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Tim Koshul


Generosity recognized

(On Feb.18) my husband, myself, a friend and his young daughter, who were visiting us from Aspen, headed to the hill. Sierra and I got into the Wizard line at 7:15 a.m. Her dad, David, had to drive up to Base II, park, and ski down. That 10-minute delay put him way back in the queue — maybe 30 chairs worth.

While we stood waiting for the lift to open I took a photo of Sierra. Beside me, the young man making up our lift-line foursome offered to take a photo of Sierra and I together. He noticed me waving to someone further back in the line and asked me if we were a party of three. I told him that Sierra's dad, David, was waaay back there. Without a second of hesitation this guy offered to switch places so that David could be on the same chair with us.

What!? This was the first big dump in a month and someone standing in second chair position offers to switch places with someone who was back where the maze split? This was a first for me. I told the young man that I couldn't ask him to do that, to which he replied, "You didn't ask me, I offered. I'm out here almost every day. It's not a big deal." Well, actually, it is a big deal, Andrew. You're thoughtfulness and generosity is pretty much unique in the world of Whistler Powder Day Agro.

Andrew told me he works at Mountainside Lodge. Andrew is a snowboarder with a beard and I think I remember a French accent. I don't know his last name, but there are probably lots of people who will recognize him from that description and I want everyone to know of his generous act.

Marilyn Manso


Sustainability should be supported

I am concerned by recent pieces in the Pique (Feb.23, "RMI, Centre for Sustainability to be reviewed by council") and the Question (Nick Davies' opinion March 1, 2012).

One of the key reasons I was so happy to move to Whistler was its work on sustainability and the Whistler 2020 vision. As a volunteer on a Whistler 2020 task force, I could see the potential for progress through collaborating with different key stakeholders.

The opportunities for residents to participate in the direction of the community were inspiring. However, prior to the last election I was disappointed by some "letters to the editor" critical of the Whistler Centre for Sustainability that were based on misperceptions, and not the facts. I hope these are not the comments that Mayor Wilhelm-Morden was referencing in her comment that, "it's something that we have heard from the community about" (Pique Feb.23, 2012).