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Nordic Twoonies return on Jan. 7


The Whistler Nordics Twoonie Race series is back on for Jan. 7, after the first few events were cancelled because of the lack of snow at Lost Lake Park.

You need to be a member of the Whistler Nordics to take part and memberships are available at the start line at the entrance to Lost Lake Park. There is also a $2 fee to take part. Skiers of all ages and techniques - classic and skate - are welcome to take part. Food and refreshments will be provided by sponsors at the finish line.

More details will be posted online at


Connolly back in big air ranks

In the run-up to the Olympics, Pique missed the results from the World Cup big air contest in Seoul, Korea on Dec. 13. No Canadians competed in the previous three events, but Whistler's Neil Connolly - fourth in the big air contest at Stoneham last winter - couldn't pass up a chance to compete in downtown Seoul and made the trip. He placed a solid 15 th against the top jumpers from Europe.

Stefan Gimpl of Austria continues to lead the big air standings with three wins and a second place finish in Seoul behind Gian-Luca Cavigelli of Switzerland.


Klassen punches her ticket to Games

After spending most of last year on the injured list following knee surgeries, Olympic speed skating champion Cindy Klassen at last guaranteed herself a spot in the 2010 Winter Games after placing second in the 3,000 metre final in the Canadian Championships and team trials.

Klassen won five medals in speed skating at the 2006 Winter Games but has struggled a little this season leading up the nationals in Calgary.

Clara Hughes, who won the race, has already guaranteed herself an Olympic spot.

Klassen's knee injuries were the result of overuse and stress after a decade and a half of training and competing. Surgeries were only able to alleviate some of Klassen's discomfort. As a result she can't train as hard and her coaches are downgrading her medal chances in some events.