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No winner as candidates debate

NDP on the attack



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Perception is everything in politics, and according to the poll, 52 per cent of viewers thought Carr improved, 42 per cent said James improved, and 17 per cent said Campbell improved.

Overall, 44 per cent still thought Campbell would make the best premier, compared to 38 per cent for James and 12 per cent for Carr. ThatÕs a significant increase for Carr.

The poll has a margin of error of 3.5 per cent, 19 times out of 20.


Independent candidate busted

Independent candidate Ingmar Lee was arrested prior to the televised debate on Tuesday in Victoria.

Lee was not invited to the meeting, although he is running for the Victoria-Beacon Hill riding against NDP leader Carole James.

Lee was reportedly arrested for disturbing the peace and shouting insults at the Liberal leader. He also did not pay for a ticket to the event.

ÒThis is what it takes,Ó he told CBC reporters. ÒYou have to do stunts to get your piece on the corporate media in this election. This election is a joke unless people are freely able to participate in democratic debates.Ó


Fundraising tactics becoming an issue

The NDP Party has kept up its attacks on Liberal fundraising tactics.

Last week the NDP discovered that the B.C. Liberal Party has charged local government officials to attend events hosted by provincial officials and the money has gone to the Liberal party. The Liberals promptly returned the money, while the head of the riding association that organized the event resigned.

This week it was discovered that charities had illegally donated thousands to the campaign, which the Liberals once again promised to return.

They also suggested that an inquiry should be held on all partiesÕ fundraising to ensure that all parties were in compliance with the Elections Act.