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Comedian from Down Under carries a reputation

WHO: Kevin "Bloody" Wilson

WHAT: Comedy Night

WHERE: Buffalo Bill’s

WHEN: Wednesday, July 18

He’s not for sensitive ears or the faint of heart. Australia’s infamous Kevin "Bloody" Wilson has invaded Canada and brings his "piss-funny" humour to Whistler this week.

The local Aussie population has undoubtedly heard of Wilson. With his bawdy ballads and gutter humour he’s been poking fun at every gender, race and religion for close to 16 years. And although Wilson has travelled the rest of the globe several times over, this is the first time he’s made it to Canada.

"I’ve got two shows under my belt now, and everything seems to be well received," Wilson said last week from his Ottawa hotel room. "All of my basic material seems to be understood globally, and there’s certainly lots of room for local topics here. All I need to do is turn on the news!"

Wilson’s basic material includes such subjects as drinking, politicians, the commercial evils of Christmas, and one of his favourites, bodily functions.

"I’m now the grandfather of twin boys. When those boys were six months old, my wife and I were changing their nappies and one of them farted. And both of them started laughing! It was the funniest thing. We nearly wet ourselves over that. Is it just my family, or is it inherent?" laughs Wilson.

Wilson’s humour isn’t limited to the extreme of poopy diapers. Admittedly, his foul language and brazen songs kept him banned from performing in many establishments in the early going. Now, however, nothing can stop him from selling out concert venues, in places such as Las Vegas or the London Palladium, nor does he seem concerned about being stopped at the pearly gates.

"I look back on it now and I think God’s not gonna punish me for the things I say, for the way I shape a word. It’s really more how you say it, the inflection. You can say ‘fuck’ and no one minds. But if you do it with intent, it can be quite a powerful and nasty word and hopefully I never use it in that manner."

Wilson’s show can also leave a pretty powerful impression. His reputation precedes him. Upon spreading the word that he would be in town, I received mixed reactions. Several Canadians that had heard of but never seen Wilson in action have already marked next Wednesday on their calendars. But several Aussie’s that have taken in the spectacle issued a strong warning. One female had the misfortune (or fortune, depending where your values are) of being an audience victim at a show Down Under. While her friends still go into hysterics telling the story, she shakes her head and sits red-faced.

So bring your sense of humour and an open mind. No topic is too low. No joke is too crude. No person is safe from Kevin "Bloody" Wilson!

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