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The spectacle of respect key to Shocore’s success

Who: Shocore

Where: Boot Pub

When: Sunday, Jan. 27

With Shocore, never forget the spectacle and just plain fun.

"We really want to make our shows more crazy-cool, and less a bunch of guys standing around playing music looking at their shoes," says Cory White, lead singer for the Vancouver band.

A performance art troupe that call themselves All You Can Eat accompany the band on stage, and the women’s props include whipping cream, chocolate sauce and skimpy outfits. Visual "eye candy" is all part of the show that meanders through rock, metal and house sound, with a touch of reggae too.

"I love bands like Kiss!" laughs White. "They just put on such a spectacle of show, it’s great!"

The lineup at this show includes guest drummer Bob Wagner of Econoline Crush, who plays half the show alongside Andy Simpson. Simpson heads for Africa in the near future, on leave from the band. Shocore is also Steve Ericson on guitar, Terry "Sho" Murray on vocals and guitar, and Paul Floyd on bass. Guest percussionists have also played with the band. Their last performance in Whistler was the annual skateboard festival in 2001.

There may be frolic at Shocore shows, but respect is also one key to success.

"Understanding another person’s ideas and respect for what they’re trying to convey, is important (to music making). I’m talking about the bass root of working with someone else," says White.

The former frontman for Vancouver’s DDT for seven years, White left the band two years ago. DDT has since lost their record label deal.

A local fund-raiser album from CFOX radio in Vancouver made a charity, and the band, a little richer.

"The Vancouver Seeds album was really the match that lit the fire for us. The radio station ran ads saying ‘submit your song to us’," quips White, a longtime commercial voiceover artist.

The album, in aid of the Children’s Hospital, was released in May 2001.

"When the Vancouver Seeds compilation came out, Bonecracker was only available on that CD, so it got a lot of play and really sped things up for us," adds White.

Three songs, in addition to a hidden track, are featured on the album.

Their debut, Devil Rock Disco, was released through Warner Music’s Canada-distributed Linus Entertainment and held at Toronto’s Bovine Sex Club in September. A follow-up performance at the Xbox launch event, at the docks in Toronto on Nov. 15, sealed their cross-Canada popularity.

Their single, High School Punk, was featured on the Jet Boy soundtrack in 2001, a single incorporated on The Outer Limits. Singles Bonecracker and Legendary Camero were also used on the television series. Meanwhile Burnaby-based multimedia company Electronic Arts incorporated Shocore songs in the SFX snowboard video game they produced in 2001.

Currently Shocore is in talks with CBC regarding the Hockey Night in Canada television series, while completing studio work for a second video.

U.S. side, the video for Bonecracker is now receiving airplay on MTV.

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