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No longer Dank

Renamed The Nuggs, back with plenty of new originals



Who: The Nuggs

When: Monday, March 27

Where: Boot Pub

Many Whistlerites may remember The Dank Nuggs from the old Dusty’s days or as a regular band at the Boot Pub in the mid 1990s.

Family commitments led to the break up of the band, save for an annual Halloween bash in Brackendale.

But now, after a few shifts in the band lineup and some free time for rehearsals, the Dank Nuggs are no longer Dank, just The Nuggs. They are also performing at their favourite stomping ground, The Boot, on Monday.

"Most people might remember us as the band who played Ross Regabliati’s gold medal homecoming show in the village," said Nuggs’ Tom Rimmer.

"We mostly played at the Boot. Recently Mike (Bovmer) and I, who live in Pemberton, got together to get things started again. I’ve been busy with the Zeppelin project (A Whole Lotta Led) for a while. We’ve been kicking around the idea of playing again. We jammed once and it all kind of came back together really easily."

The Nuggs new lineup includes Rimmer, Bovmer, G Willy and Cookie (bass player for Dub Empire).

New original songs seem to come easily, but some cover songs, despite having played them for 12 years, have taken a little more work.

"Sometimes when you are having to relearn songs you played forever, it can be trying, but we are all in it to enjoy the music and the vibe, so to speak," Rimmer said.

The well-loved rock with a reggae twist sound the group was famous for carries on.

"We are probably a little tighter," Rimmer said of the band’s current sound. "Some arrangements are different. Basically we are playing a lot of music we played back then, as well as new material I wrote the lyrics for and Mike (put the notes to)."

Catch The Nuggs at their farewell to the Boot performance for this week’s Monday Madness.

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