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No injuries in helicopter crash on Sproatt Mountain last week

Incident resulted in damage to Canadian Wilderness Adventures cabin



A helicopter crash last week on Sproatt Mountain resulted in no injuries for the pilot and passengers, but damaged a nearby cabin.

The Transportation Safety Board (TSB) of Canada confirmed that the main rotor of a Spearhead Aviation chopper struck a nearby cabin while attempting to land on Feb. 11. Despite the tail section being severed, the helicopter remained upright and the pilot and two passengers exited the aircraft uninjured. There are no ongoing safety issues in relation to the accident, noted the TSB.

"The (landing) area, which had been prepared for the arrival of the helicopter, was located just past the helipad where the pilot expected to land. It resulted in a confined space for landing," said TSB senior technical investigator Peter Murphy.

"We've had a look and noticed that the area where (the pilot) landed was just forward of the location of the helipad," Murphy added. "It looks to us that the helipad is normally lower and prepared for the summer mostly, so it looks like he landed slightly above and forward of the helipad when the main rotor came into contact with the roof of the log cabin."

The crash resulted in substantial damage to the chopper and some damage to the roof section of the cabin, owned by tour company Canadian Wilderness Adventures. General manager Craig Beattie declined to comment on the incident, saying, "It's just something we want to move forward from."

Murphy was unable to confirm if the helicopter was flying as part of a guided tour. Spearhead Aviation owner Mike Quinn did not respond to several requests for comment.


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