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Nita Lake Lodge public hearing changes venues


Whistler residents will get the chance to comment on the latest development proposal planned for the shores of Nita Lake in Creekside.

The public hearing for the Nita Lake Lodge Corporation will take place at the Emerald Ballroom in the Westin Resort & Spa at 7 p.m. on Monday, April 28.

The development includes an 80-room upscale lodge at the end of Lake Placid Road, a major multi-million dollar facelift on the train station, as well as 14 single family homes on 23 acres across the train tracks.

In order the keep the development under Whistler’s growth cap, the proponents are hoping to transfer more than 200 bed units from the Alpha Creek wetlands north of Function Junction (known as part of the Zen lands) and in turn preserve that sensitive land in trust.

The development will also bring over 200 employee beds in new restricted housing as well as a $500,000 donation for a x-ray machine at the Whistler Health Care Centre and a $500,000 donation to the Community Foundation of Whistler.

This development proposal is closely linked to another business called Whistler Rail Tours that hopes to revive the passenger rail business between Vancouver and Whistler with a high-end train targeting cruise ship passengers.