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Taking a gamble During a five-minute recess at Monday's special council meeting on video lottery terminals Don Pashleigh, manager of Tapley's, gave each of the council members present a break-open lottery ticket. Mayor Ted Nebbeling apparently won $2. Festival of Lights grosses $90,000 Approximately $90,000 was grossed at Saturday's fifth annual Gala Festival of Lights, put on by the Association of Whistler Realtors. Exactly how much that will translate to for worthy causes is still being determined. This year's recipients are the Myrtle Philip School Grade 6 and 7 classes, the Dandelion Daycare Society, the Whistler Community Services Society, the Little League Baseball Association, the Canadian Avalanche Rescue Dog Association, the Pemberton Volunteer Fire Department, the Association of Whistler Area Residents for the Environment and the Whistler Museum and Archives Society. In the light decorating contest the winners were: the Chateau Whistler (hotels and restaurants), For Keep's Sake (retail), Taluswood (Creekside), and Jan Dilalla (residential). Timing is everything Call it divine intervention, but Immaculate Conception (Dec. 8) falls one day after Condomania ends. Out of the past Spotted at last week's West Vancouver-Garibaldi Liberal acclimation meeting was former Social Credit candidate and Love Boat doctor Rodney Glynn-Morris. Whistler off the hook The Quebec City bid to host the 2002 Winter Olympics may finally be complete. At one point there was talk of holding the men's downhill on Whistler Mountain, because the mountains around Quebec don't have the vertical drop required for a men's Olympic downhill. However, this week Quebec officials announced they would improve the course's figure by adding nearly 100 metres of padding to the top of the mountain. A 70 metre lump will be added to the top of the mountain and then the start hut will be built at the top of a 25 metre ramp on top of the lump. The 1984 Olympic downhill in Sarajevo also went through some plastic surgery to enhance its dimensions. The start hut was on the second floor of a restaurant at the top of the mountain.