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Whistler made the Ministry of Environment's non-compliance list again, amidst the protests of Mayor Ted Nebbeling. Whistler was cited for a number of reasons, including exceeding the discharge allowed under the sewage treatment plant's current permit and for excessive phosphorous levels. However, the municipality maintains the excessive phosphorous levels in the Cheakamus River are largely as a result of BC Hydro's Daisy Lake Dam, which limits the water flow in the lower Cheakamus. The municipality has commissioned an independent consultant to prepare a report on phosphorus levels in the river to determine once and for all the source of the phosphorous. Whistler was on the ministry's non-compliance list last year but was later removed when the municipality appealed and pointed out several errors in the ministry's calculations. Fun work with the Chamber The Whistler Training Trust Fund has lined up a series of 10 fun fall workshops, which will be launched at the Chamber of Commerce luncheon Sept. 20. The workshops begin in October with How to Motivate Your Staff and Not Spend a Fortune. Bernie Lalor-Morton, director of training, says fun is an essential ingredient in all the Chamber's workshops. The goal of the Whistler Training Trust Fund is to meet the learning needs of the Whistler business community. Over the past few months the TTF has been asking local business people about their learning needs. The result is the series of 10 workshops which will be described at the next luncheon. The Chamber luncheon is at the Whistler Racquet and Golf Resort, 11:45 a.m. Sept. 20. Call 938-8050 to register. Blackcomb reports the majority of families purchasing Blackcomb season passes are choosing the new Blackcomb Resort Card option. The Blackcomb Resort Card links a season pass to a credit card, so that the pass can be used to purchase items at Blackcomb. Parents can set a transaction limit on their child's season pass. "The feedback we're getting from parents is they like the assurance their child can purchase a healthy lunch, or replace lost goggles, without having to carry cash," Guest Relations Manager Fiona Cull says in a press release.