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One ringy dingy... First there was 932, six years ago 938 was added and now there's 905. Whistler got its third telephone prefix last month. The new 905 prefix is a sign of Whistler's growth, including the proliferation of fax machines, cellular phones, pagers and modems, a BC Tel spokesperson says. That doesn't mean all new Whistler phone numbers will start with 905 — as people with 932 or 938 numbers disconnect their services those numbers will become available — but most new residences and business will end up with a 905 Whistler number. What is unique about the new prefix is that the second digit is a zero. Up until last year only area codes had zero or one as the second digit. When BC Tel required the area code be included when dialling all long distance calls it opened up the possibility of using zero and one in prefixes. While 905 is the new prefix for Whistler it is also the area code for several cities in southern Ontario, including Mississauga, Burlington, Oshawa, Niagara Falls and Hamilton. Quebecers can vote If any of Whistler's large contingent of Quebecers want to vote in the sovereignty referendum they should act quickly. Quebecers living outside the province will be allowed to vote, providing they are Canadian citizens, have lived in Quebec for at least a year and haven't lived outside the province more than two years. However, Quebecers need to get an information package from the chief electoral officer beforehand. Once the date for the referendum has been set, people outside the province will have only nine days to get their applications in to the chief electoral officer. The number to call for the information package is 418-528-0422. Kerr president Whistler's Brian Kerr is the new president of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of B.C. Kerr is president of Nesters Market Ltd.