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Soul food The fifth season of Spirituality Dinners gets underway next week. Dinners with a Difference are bimonthly dinner gatherings that focus on various spiritual and philosophical topics. The series is an alternative outreach program run by the Whistler United Church. On Wednesday, Sept. 30 professional astrologer Michael O’Connor kicks off the series. O’Connor lives in Nelson B.C. and has studied astrology for 18 years. Apart from providing the Pique’s weekly horoscopes he contributes to five other newspapers and hosts three astrology websites. Upcoming meetings include Alchemical Hypnotherapy on Oct. 14. Apparently this is an ancient shamanic practice of contacting one’s angels and experiencing past life regression. On Oct. 28, if all goes according to plan, there will be live blood analysis, which is a technique of examining your blood under a microscope to determine toxin levels, imbalances and general health. On Nov. 11 the group will focus on Herbology, which is the study of using herbs for health and healing. Tentatively booked for Nov. 28 is Medical Intuitive, where a practising medical intuitive will discuss his use of bioelectrical diagnosis to see inside bodies, find physical ailments and their psychological ties as well as recommending natural remedies. Dinners with a Difference cosy $2.50 for the lecture and take place at Boston Pizza at 5:45 p.m. People attending the dinners pay for their own meals. The eyes have it October has been designated Eye Health Canada month by the Eye Health Council of Canada. Optometrists across the country are using the month of increased awareness to get people to open their eyes to a variety of issues. If you haven’t had your eyes tested recently you should be aware that B.C. Medical covers one eye exam every two years. In a press release from Whistler Eye Clinic, resident optometrists Dr. Karen Smith and Dr. Donna Mockler warn people to be on the look out for eye diseases by having regular check-ups. They are also willing to answer any questions on laser surgery, sports and eye safety, ageing, eye health and visions and the relation between diabetes and eye health. They also point out the link between literacy, learning and vision and will provide parents and teachers with key tips to spot students that may be experiencing problems.

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