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The Whistler Singers are reconvening for a spring session of great Canadian music. The Singers began practising this week in the Millar Room at Myrtle Philip school. Practices are every Tuesday, from 7:30 to 9 p.m., at the school. New music, familiar arrangements and guest conductors are all part of the fun. Call Alison at 932-2979 for more information. Sign language has come to Whistler. Starting tonight (Feb. 27) anyone interested in learning sign language or improving their signing skills can get together at the Whistler Medical Clinic. The group will meet every other Friday at 6 p.m. upstairs in the Whistler Medical Clinic. Signing is a whole language that opens up means of communication with many deaf or hard of hearing people. The group will also meet periodically on a casual basis for coffee and/or outings, providing an opportunity to use sign language in day-to-day activities. For more information contact Nathalie Klein at 932-3344. The municipality and the public art committee are inviting everyone to make their mark in Whistler Village. They’re looking for snowflake designs, which will be cast in glass paving stones and placed in the walkway along Village Park. Two workshops, led by artist Celine Rich, are being held at the Myrtle Philip Community Centre, Feb. 28 and March 7. The workshops are from 2:30 to 4 p.m. The workshops are free but participants are asked to bring five clean, clear glass recylables. The parks department is planning to use 200 glass snowflake pavers in the park walkway.