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Art co-op opens in time for Christmas

There’s an unassuming gift store called Keepsakes tucked away in the Crystal Lodge. Manning the counter is an elderly gent who should be retiring but can’t afford to. But things are about to change if a gamble by a group of local artists pays off.

The store is becoming a co-operative for Sea to Sky artisans. Blown glass, jewelry, clothing, pottery and weaving have taken over the shelves. Volunteer co-operative worker, Diana Lynn, said the make-over was just what the gift store and the artists, needed.

"With the farmers markets closed for the summer, many artists have nowhere to sell their stuff," she said. "We’re hoping this store will give artists the retail space they need, while allowing the store owner to make some good money."

The first night open house party is this Tuesday, Dec. 17 from 5 to 7 p.m. Everyone is welcome.

Discovering nature’s gems

Jewelry designer Kate Powers believes a girl’s best friend may no longer be diamonds. Modern women seem to be opting for jewelry made from more natural fibres, like wood, bone, leather and coconut, set in sterling silver.

In her first public exhibit at the Savage Beagle on Monday, Dec. 16, 7-9 p.m., Power will show off her unique yet affordable creations, designed with the funky club crowd in mind. Her jewelry career has been a passion for several years, spawned from a personal yearning to stand out from the comfort-wearing crowd.

"I like dressing casually like everybody else here but I also wanted some unusual accessories to show I was a little different. So I came up with my own range of designs and they’re proving really popular with other girls," she said.