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Newcomers want their clothes back


Things were going according to plan for Simon Woodward of Vancouver and his girlfriend Lenette Sitter of Alberta. They moved to Whistler, and found a place to live in Creekside for Oct. 1. The next phase of their plan was to find jobs in town.

All that changed when they returned to their car at Wayside Park on Wednesday morning to find that everything had been taken. They lost a computer, six bags and several knapsack full of clothes and accessories, and a variety of other items.

The car was locked when they left it and, strangely, it was locked when they returned to find their stuff missing.

They don’t have much hope of getting many of their possessions back, but they hope that whoever broke into their car will at least return their clothes.

"They can leave them on the side of the road for us or whatever," said Woodward. "They’re not really worth anything to anybody but us.

"We want to go out and apply for jobs, but we don’t even have any clothes to wear."

The Re-Use-It Centre has provided the couple with some clothes in the mean time, and Whistler Community Services Society helped them out with toiletries and other lost items.

If you know anything, or want to return clothes or any other items to Woodward and Sitter, you can call 604-935-0526.

Sitter is also concerned about two items. The first is a Mexican blanket, which is a memento from her deceased brother. The second is a device that helps to generate colloidal silver, an alternative health product she says is vital to her health.

This article was amended Jan.14, 2019 to clarify the relationship between Woodward and Sitter, at Sitter's request.

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