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Tourism Whistler is the new name for the Whistler Resort Association. The new name and logo were unveiled Wednesday evening in the conference centre. "The new title more accurately reflects the role and purpose of the tourism marketing organization which promotes Whistler," President Suzanne Denback told nearly 200 people gathered for the launch. "As our new name clearly indicates, Tourism Whistler is a leader and a catalyst in the growth of tourism to Whistler." The new logo, "represents Whistler’s signature side-by-side mountains, featured through hard paint-brush strokes which evoke a carefree and youthful, yet classic and timeless image." The new logo features the outline of two purple mountain peaks on a silver background. The original WRA logo, a circle of Ws in the frankfurter typeface, was 19 years old. Denbak said the new logo accompanies a new identity and "defines who we are and what we want to achieve." Tourism Whistler also has a new URL for its recently re-designed website: Tourism Whistler released a five year business plan last fall after a series of workshops and retreats involving key personnel from each department and the board of directors. Included in the plan is a $7 million renovation of the Whistler Conference Centre.

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