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New recycling program in place at Nesters Market in Squamish

Market joins forces with Carney's Waste Systems and North Vancouver's WCS Recycling


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Most people don't even check to see if the Styrofoam packaging holding their meat or electronics can be recycled anymore, but close examination will often reveal the telltale triangle stamp.

By joining forces with North Vancouver's WCS Recycling and Carney's Waste System, Nesters Market in Squamish is encouraging shoppers to keep their Styrofoam packaging out of the local landfill by returning it to the store (clean!!!) where it will be picked up and recycled.

"It was 100 per cent customer driven, customers were asking for it," said Nesters Market Squamish manager Sean Daly of the decision to implement the recycling program. "People were coming in and asking for alternatives for packaging and we didn't have a viable option..."

The tricky part in reusing Styrofoam is finding a company that requires it consistently. Due to a historically inconsistent manufacturing demand, it's often not included in the traditional list of materials recycled locally.

Whistler's Nesters Market manager Bruce Stewart has confirmed they are currently looking into their own Styrofoam recycling program.