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New record time for Comfortably Numb

Vancouver runner breaks two-hour mark for 25 km trail run



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This was Schieven’s third time in Comfortably Numb, and she plans to be back again next year.

“I really enjoy it. It’s just long enough that it’s a challenge to work towards, but it’s not so long that it’s daunting. I like the distance, the time of year, and the organizers do such a great job,” she said. “I found myself running with two guys from Kelowna who came with a group of 20 people to do the race this year. They heard that if they do one race this year it should be Comfortably Numb, and said the whole thing was amazing. It’s neat watching this race grow by word of mouth, beyond the Sea to Sky.”

This was the fourth year for the Comfortably Numb Trail Run, which starts at Wedgemount parking lot and finishes at Spruce Grove in Lost Lake Park. The route doesn’t follow the entire Comfortably Numb trail, instead cutting in about a kilometre past the start in order to spread out the field. From that point the trail includes approximately 22 km of moderately technical mountain bike trail, with close to 1,000 metres of vertical climbing from the start to the end of the trail. From there runners have about a 2km run to the finish line at Spruce Grove Park.

Every year the organizers have contributed the proceeds of the race back to trail maintenance, and will present a cheque for $1,000 to the Whistler Off-Road Cycling Association for the work.

Comfortably Numb is also the first race of the Sea 2 Sky Trail Running Series. Future events include the Squamish Thunder on July 14, the STORMY in Squamish on Aug. 11, Loop the Lakes on Sept. 9, the Rubble Creek Classic on Sept. 23, and Lumpy’s Epic on Oct. 13. For more information and registration, visit


Men Under 40

1. Adam Campbell — 1:58:45

2. Jason Shorter — 1:58:56

3. Brad Cunningham — 1:59:21

Men 40 to 49

1. Roger Shirt — 2:12:00

2. Kevin Holland — 2:13:34

3. Scott Taber — 2:13:51

Men 50 and Over

1. Rob Lang — 2:20:14

2. Jim Bowers — 2:27:31

3. Walter Wallgram — 2:29:04

Women Under 40

1. Tracy Garneau — 2:14:27