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New record time for Comfortably Numb

Vancouver runner breaks two-hour mark for 25 km trail run



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Four Seasons General Manager Scott Taber was also running Comfortably Numb for the first time, placing seventh overall and third in the Men’s 40 to 49 race with a time of 2:13:51. Taber is a veteran runner with seven marathons to his credit, and ran the Boston Marathon in April.

“It was a great day,” he said. “I had a few falls but overall I really enjoyed it. I thought (the organizers) did a great job with the course. Just thinking about having marshals on a course like that blows me away. A typical race volunteer might have to go to the corner of a golf course, but some people hiked and biked in all that way to help out.”

Taber is now planning to the do the 25 km Rubble Creek Classic in September, followed by the Victoria Marathon in October.

“Trail running is completely different than road running, you have to be so much more focused on your running, but both are hard. Trail running is a great way to diversify for a runner like myself, and it’s great training.”

To get ready for the run Taber has been going out to the Tuesday night running group at Escape Route, and did both Comfortably Numb training runs with Duncan Munro of Whistler Running Experience. He had a general idea what to expect, but was still surprised by how difficult the trail was.

“It’s really technical, definitely the hardest trail run I’ve done.”

On the women’s side, Vernon-based ultra runner Tracy Garneau was first across the line in 2:14:27, well short of the record time of 2:05:25 set by Whistler’s Kristina Rody in 2004.

Pemberton’s Arlene Schieven was the top local, in second place among women, as well as first in the Women’s 40 to 49 age category, with a time of 2:30:03. Alison Burpee was third in 2:35:11.

“I was really happy,” said Schieven. “I hadn’t done a lot of runs up to that point and I wasn’t sure how the day would go, but once you get into the race you forget about how much you trained or didn’t train and just go for it. The course really was in good condition and the weather was perfect for running, so I had a really good race.

“I really enjoyed the downhill this year, looking for the right line down and making up a few spots.”