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New Rainbow developer committed to neighbourhood

Clean up of site, completion of servicing first order of business



The new owner of the Rainbow subdivision has announced that the construction of both market and restricted homes will now be under their management in order to ensure they fulfill their commitment to the integrity of the planned community.

Rainbow Joint Venture was acquired in April. The new owners' first move has been to clean up the site and complete the servicing. The company said it was a demonstration of their commitment to the current Rainbow residents and the creation of a true neighbourhood.

Luis Garcia, the vice president and director of development and sales for Rainbow Joint Venture stated, "We are dedicated to overseeing the completion of this neighbourhood as we believe it will become one of the most desirable and sought after locations to live within Whistler.

"Waking up or coming home to the view of Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains over Green Lake is second to none, having local shops at your doorstep, parks and trails for the kids to play in, easy access to schools and the recreational centre are just a few of its great benefits."

Garcia also sought to assure potential purchasers.

"With our first priority completed we are now able to focus on launching the final phase of resident-restricted homes which will then be followed by the introduction of Phase one of our market homes."

Resident restricted homes have not been available for purchase over the last few months while the new developer evaluated the product for sale. After consideration of the homes already purchased, the developer has created new designs and reconfigured existing plans to better reflect the requirements of local residents while appreciating the necessity to offer great value. The remaining restricted single-family homes and duplexes will be presented for sale within the next month.

Some of the work done under the new ownership includes, paving to the top of Crazy Canuck Drive and to the end of Ski Jump Rise, excavation of land at the entrance to the subdivision has allowed access for bus service as well as preparation of the commercial site, building equipment has been tidied up and, where possible, landscaping implemented. The levelling of Park A has also been started.

Development of the commercial site may start within the next month.

To date, approximately 75 per cent of the restricted-resident homes have been purchased and more than 50 per cent of these are now owner occupied.

When completed, Rainbow will accommodate approximately 200 properties, including single-family homes, duplexes, condominiums and a commercial area with a grocery store, pub and gas station.

The finished subdivision will include integrated sidewalks, trails between houses, dedicated paths to the parks, playground and commercial area and a new Valley Trail connection to Alpine Meadows.