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New Olympic project to be launched April 1st

Ice circles will require whole town to join psychic force



Whistler’s resident expert on crop circles is launching a resort-wide project April 1 to help create "ice-circles" celebrating the 2010 Olympic Games.

"We must unite and create a psychic force so that Gaia (mother earth) will feel our energy and produce ice-circles on Alta Lake to celebrate the 2010 Olympics," said Bob Penner, founder of Man of Flowers and Crop Circles.

He is even hopeful that since the waters that feed Alta Lake flow from Rainbow Mountain and Rainbow Lake the ice-rings may even appear in the Olympic colours of blue, yellow, black, green, and red.

The project came to him after he recognized the start of an ice-circle on Alta Lake several weeks ago.

Penner, like some other crop circle experts, believes that the phenomena come not from outer space but rather from the power beneath the Earth.

"Alta Lake was in the process of breaking up when one gigantic curve appeared which I identified immediately as an ice-circle because I am Whistler’s foremost expert on the subject," said Penner.

"Then I had to meditate, during which I had many near experiences, then ‘Eureka’ it came to me as I barbecued for some friends that we must all work on this together.

"We all realized the potential of the project for the good of mankind, not to mention Whistler’s Olympics."

Penner is also excited to think that the rings will be visible from outer space and circling satellites may even capture the image for watchful nations.

But he is plagued with one great fear.

"My biggest fear is not the inevitable lawsuit from the Vancouver Organizing Committee over unauthorized use of the Olympic logo," he said.

"It is that there could be a doubter amongst us – Whistler being the aspiritual capital of Canada – and that will prevent the appearance of the ice-rings."

Just as Peter Pan’s fairy friend Tinker Bell was saved by people all over the world clapping their hands together to show they believe in magic so too can the ice-circles appear if people just believe, said Penner.

He plans on producing an annual report each April 1 on the progress of the project and is even thinking of suggesting to the International Olympic Committee that they consider the creation of ice-circles as a new Olympic sport.

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