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nesters hill

Proponents of the Nesters Hill employee and market housing project hope to build the first employee housing apartment building this summer, after the project received first and second reading Monday. The project, by Jim and Trudy Greutzke of Sea to Sky Holdings, includes 27 new single family lots in a new subdivision off of Nesters Road, and two buildings housing 58 rental apartment units. The employee housing buildings, one two storeys and the other three storeys, will be built by Sea to Sky Holdings and may be sold to the Whistler Valley Housing Corporation. The housing authority will manage the units, which are intended to be leased to employees on a yearly basis. The apartments will be one- and two-bedroom units. The bed units for the single family lots will be transferred from an adjacent parcel of Crown land. That transfer would still leave 30 bed units on the Crown site, next to Lorimer Road. The municipality doesn’t want the Crown site developed, and the province has so far agreed to work with the municipality. Earlier, some bed units were sold to the developers of the Westin Hotel and the Crown now has an agreement with Sea to Sky Holdings to transfer most of the remaining bed units. However the Crown site is zoned for townhouses, and with 30 bed units remaining on the property the Crown could force the issue if another buyer for the remaining bed units isn’t found. Council members asked staff to look into making the proposed Nesters Hill subdivision a Tourist Accommodation zone, which would allow chalets or villas. Initial response from staff was the site may be too difficult to allow sufficient parking for chalets or villas. An information meeting on the project will be held April 27, 5-8 p.m. at Myrtle Philip school. The project will go to public hearing May 3, 7 p.m., also at Myrtle Philip school.