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nebbeling MLA

West Vancouver-Garibaldi MLA Ted Nebbeling took on Premier Glen Clark Wednesday during the inaugural question period of the new legislative session. Nebbeling, who was designated Forestry critic in the Liberal shadow cabinet, asked Clark why he was allowing B.C. Hydro to lower Williston Lake below the 2,150-metre level, causing pulp mills in the Mackenzie area to shut down, after he promised last month that wouldn’t be allowed to happen. "I got my feet wet in the legislature, it was kind of exciting," said Nebbeling, who was assigned the second question, speaking after Liberal party leader Gordon Campbell. Nebbeling said Campbell asked if he would consider the Forestry critic role some time ago. "He needed someone with some expertise or experience in forestry, and someone who could articulate their view point," Nebbeling said. "I think he expects me to be a major player." As a member of Whistler council Nebbeling helped draft one of the first Local Resource Use Plans in the province. He has been involved in several other forestry issues in the corridor, including working with the Soo Coalition for Sustainable Forests. David Zirnhelt, MLA for Cariboo South, is Forest Minister. Nebbeling’s duties also include assisting house leader Gary Farrell-Collins and the party whip.