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Nebbeling acclaimed


MLA Ted Nebbeling was acclaimed as the Liberal candidate in West Vancouver-Garibaldi at a nomination meeting in Squamish Jan. 25.

Nebbeling, who was elected to the legislature for the first time in the 1996 provincial election, said about 70 people attended the nomination meeting.

"It was very positive, there was a lot of energy in the room. Lots of people signed up to volunteer for the campaign," he said. Approximately 18 people took out new party memberships at the meeting.

Premier Ujjal Dosanjh must ask Lieutenant Governor Garde Gardom to dissolve the legislature and call a provincial election by June of this year.

Nebbeling said his own guess is that the legislature will be recalled in mid-March and a budget introduced. Six working days of debate are required for the budget, and then Nebbeling expects Dosanjh to go to the Lieutenant Governor. That would mean an election would be held about April 23.

Nebbeling said Liberals have been travelling the province over the last four years to talk with people about issues and policies and attempt to unify the anti-NDP vote. In some ridings in the 1996 election the Liberals and Reform BC split much of the vote, allowing NDP candidates to win election.

The B.C. Liberal party has candidates nominated in all but a handful of ridings.