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Myrtle Philip parents urged to take action.


Parents concerned about their children’s education should write to their local MLA and voice their concerns said members of Myrtle Philip’s Parent Advisory Council at meeting this week.

The PAC passed a motion to get a form letter drawn up, which parents can sign and send to MLA Ted Nebbeling or a minister of their choice.

The idea arose after school trustee Don Brett told the meeting that few parents were writing to the government to tell them how worried they are about budget shortfalls in the education system.

Of particular concern to most was the government’s decision to back a pay rise for teachers but refuse to fund it.

Principal Ron Albertin also told parents that the new elementary school at Spring Creek was still on schedule and will open in Sept 2004.

He also praised the hard work of parents, students and teachers in achieving excellent report cars.

Below is a list of the honour roll students this semester:

Honor Roll

Grade 6

Tabitha Akama, Kirby Chew, Samantha Ellis, Ellika Crichton, Ethan Fairley, Takuma Ida, Megan Lamming, Bronwyn Lawrie, Jacob McPhail, Chantal Milan, Allyn Pringle, Taylor Rempel, Eric Smith, Suzanne Starkiewicz, Rebecca Wells, Denise Begg-Smith, Brynne Benbow, Christiana Durfeld, Stefanie Loh, Kyle MacDonald, Nellie Pitoniak, Maddi Podborski, Kristi Poole-Adler, Austin Thind, Nancy Bayly, Jesse Clemiss, Alli Wake.

Grade 5

Luana Auer, Natasha Dudley, Clare Hendriks, Rebecca Kinney, Livvy Murray, Sarah Pickering, Hilary Carrell, Tyler Whitmell, Tala Clark, Alexander Hosner, Justin Patjas, Verena Facundo, Dylan Jones, Martina Cartner, Hilary Illes, Cici Durfeld, Riley McSkimming, Sacha Rockcliffe, Alex Sim, Myles Turcotte, Tanner Atkins, Makinna Coombs, Jillian Duggan, Taylor Laidlaw, Laura McColm, Katelyn McKeever, Madison McLeish, Jesse Melamed, Alex Sanudo, Mariah Spence, Sierra Spina

Grade 4

Erik Coates, Emma Cox, Cole MacDonald, Harrison Shrimpton, Brendan Grills, Shannon MacNamara, Harlan Sim, Mark Smith, Ani Tchakarova

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