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Myrtle Philip parents launch challenge



Code of Conduct outlined at first PAC meeting.

The Myrtle Philip Parents Advisory Council is daring school parents to take up a challenge.

"I challenge every parent who has come to a PAC meeting to bring a parent next time who has never come to a meeting," said chairwoman Cathy Jewett at the school’s first PAC meeting of the year this week

"We have a big job ahead of us and we really need the support."

Not only is the school struggling to cope with bowstring tight budget, it is planning and preparing for the separation of the student and administrative body with the imminent opening of the new Spring Creek Elementary School.

Now twice as many parent volunteers are needed as fundraising efforts must be planned and executed at both schools.

Currently the new school is to open Nov. 5. Spring Creek students will spend their last day at Myrtle Philip on Oct. 31, then take Nov. 3 and Nov 4 off before moving into the new school.

Spring Creek PAC chair Barb Leigh said preparations are going well and the new playground will be going in Oct. 6. Storage space is needed, as are some appliances. Anyone who can help should contact the school.

Also all kids are invited to Millennium Place Oct. 2 to draw on a canvass of local artist Cary Campbell Lopes. She will work on the oil painting and present back to Spring Creek Elementary to celebrate its opening.

Fists of fundraising dollars flow in

Thanks to lots of hard work the Myrtle Philip PAC has about $40,000 in the bank to be spent on school needs.

And much needed funds are still flowing in.

When the schools split, the money will also be divided based on how many students each school has.

This week the schools also got $9,600 from the government in the form of gaming grants.

Previously the parents had access to about $10 million in lottery proceeds that was supposed to buy equipment for kids. PAC’s had to fill out complicated forms and then wait for approval to see if they got any money.

Under new rules for getting the gaming money, effective last April, every parent advisory council can receive a grant of $20 per student by filling out a simple application form. District Parent Advisory Council’s will receive $2,500.

Jennifer Patterson and Stephanie Worts-Regan also presented both schools with $2,000 each raised through the annual Father Daughter Dance.

Plans are underway to run pizza days, sushi days and a school raffle as joint ventures this year for the two elementary schools.

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