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Myrtle Philip PAC holds special planning meeting


Myrtle Philip School’s Parent Advisory Council will be holding a special planning meeting on Oct. 7 th .

"It is a goal-setting exercise for the PAC," said chair Cathy Jewett, who hopes every family with a child at Myrtle Philip will send a representative.

Too often, said Jewett, the PAC deals with things during the year with a knee-jerk reaction.

This planning meeting will give parents and PAC leaders the chance to look at issues, focus on them, and work on how to deal with them for the whole year.

"It allows us to determine what our highest needs are," said Jewett.

The PAC isn’t just about fundraising anymore. An executive of the PAC sits on the School Planning Council, along with two other parents. This gives parents a strong voice in the school, said Jewett.

"In the past the PAC really focused on fundraising saying, ‘We’ve got to make money, we’ve got to make money,’" said Jewett.

"But what were they making money for, and what do we want to achieve with this money, because some of what we want to achieve isn’t going to cost us anything.

"So how can we use our money to achieve our mission, which is the best education for our children.

"If we set goals, especially if we can get an idea of what parents want for education, then we can present that to the School Planning Council.

"But unless those SPC parent representatives have a clear picture of what others want then they might not get what they are looking for."

The meeting will be held at Myrtle Philip School at 7 p.m. The next general PAC meeting will be Oct 21 st .