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Myrtle Philip Grade 3 class teaching others online


Seven-year-olds in Whistler are now making Web sites and their efforts are already displayed online.

Mrs. Donna Williams' Grade 3 class at Myrtle Philip Community School launched their Web site at

The site's theme is Internet Safety.

The project took the class about two months to complete. The class learned how to add backgrounds, put in graphics, make links, and save as an html Web page, among many other things.

The students also used surveys to gather information for their group Web pages. Their questions centred around safety on the Web.

Through the survey's they discovered 16 Grade 6 students at Myrtle Philip have visited an online chat room.

Another survey asked the students how many of them would want to meet someone in person that they met online.

Three students each in Grade 5 and Grade 6 answered Yes to that question.

On the Web page it said: "From our graph we learned that no one in our Grade 3 class wanted to meet someone in person because we had an Internet safety lesson. What we learned in that lesson is if you meet someone from the Internet, they could be bad."

As part of their Internet safety lesson Mrs. Williams' class learned that certain Web sites are intended for adults only or if they click on certain banners they might end up at a gambling site.

Eventually the Grade 3 Web site address will change to

Visitors are asked to sign the guest book, as students will be checking the entries.

The Web site features photos of the Grade 3 class while they are hard at work creating their Web site.