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Crab Shack brings back prairie firebrand

Who: Wil Mimnaugh

Where : Crab Shack

When : Tuesday, Nov. 18, 10 p.m.

There are singers and there are slide guitar players, and then there is Wil Mimnaugh.

The Alberta musician doesn’t just strum his trusty six-string; he gets Medieval on it. He rides it like it’s a bucking bronco in his hometown’s famous Stampede. He beats it like a rented mule.

Broken strings occur on a several-per-show basis as a result of his jaw-dropping intensity. And as if his guitar skills weren’t enough he is also known to give his drummer a break every so often, nice guy that he is, playing the skins with his right hand, and guitar with his left.

Mimnaugh can sing too, delivering heartfelt bluesy, originals alongside an arsenal of impressive cover tunes. His gritty, emotional voice does justice to his choice of material by the Beta Band, Pearl Jam and more.

The prairie wild man swings by his regular Whistler haunt, the Crab Shack lounge, this Tuesday evening to break some strings, blow some minds, and wash the whole thing down with a few shots.

And if despite Wil’s skills showgoers still have the wits to wonder about the 5-2 decals on his hard-working guitar, think back to February 2002… a certain hockey game… in a place called Salt Lake City…

If that’s where his inspiration comes from, Mimnaugh can’t lose.

Call 604-932-4451 for more information.

Wednesdays back in the Underground

What: Strictly Underground

Where : Garfinkel’s

When: Wednesday, Nov. 19

EasyGroove productions, headed by local DJ Milton Currie, is launching a new season of the Strictly Underground weekly club night this Wednesday at Garfinkel’s, with a special appearance by U.K. producer/DJ Asad Rizvi.

Underground will feature tribal, house and break beats from a resident DJ roster that includes Milton, Keph, Toddski and Kori K.

Special guest musicians will appear regularly to jam alongside the turntablists. Milton is also bringing in local artists to paint live and interactive visual displays.

Call 1-8066-935-9453 for more information.

Blue’s show an inspiring afternoon

Who: Julie Blue

Where: MY (Millennium) Place

When: Sunday, Nov. 16, 1:30 p.m.

Tickets : $15/adults, $7/kids 12 and under, $39/family

Fans of smooth adult contemporary music with a spiritual message will want to set Sunday afternoon aside for a performance by Vancouver R&B gospel artist/piano player Julie Blue at MY Place.

The vocal and instrumental recording artist has performed all over the world and recently released her fourth album, Wing and a Prayer.

Blue’s songs are anything but blue, characteristically celebrating uplifting themes of inspiration, peace and compassion.

Blue will be joined onstage at MY Place by a 20-voice ensemble drawn from the Singspiration Singers, a Vancouver-based choir she directs.

Call 604-935-8410 for more information.

Transmission comeback the best deal in town

Who: Transmission

Where: Boot Pub

When: Saturday, Nov. 15

Tickets : $2

After a three-month hiatus, local rockers Transmission are celebrating their return to the live music scene with a gig that’s got to be the best deal in town. Fans of the band can catch the show at the Boot this Saturday night for no more than a shiny toonie. Transmission fans can also immortalize their dedication in a promo DVD the band will be shooting.

Call 604-932-3338 for more information.