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Murder in the Great Big Playground

A tale of real estate, murder, politics and really great powder: Chapter 9


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“Janna!” He banged on the door. “It’s me! Open up!” The door swung open and she flew into his arms, kissing him hard. “Janna. Wait. I want this too, but I need to tell you —” Mmphf mmphf. She was kissing him again.

“It’s about the mur—.” Tongue this time.

He held her shoulders away from him. Opened his mouth to speak. But something about Janna’s smeared lipstick, her big Japanimation eyes and the way she was unbuttoning her shirt made him forget what he was going to say.

Rory yanked his fleece and T-shirt over his head. Static made his hair stand straight up. She grabbed him by the belt loops, and pressed her chest against him. Static could not be blamed for the other body parts in the room that were also defying gravity. Murder schmurder. He held her face in his hands and kissed her like he was in a pie eating contest and she was lemon meringue.

“Spare room,” she growled and started down the hall. “Follow me.”

He tripped taking his boots off. Hopping. Kicking. Lost a sock. She threw her shirt over a plant. He whipped his belt off and chucked it into down the hall. A cat meowed from somewhere. A bra landed on the ceiling fan. She fell backwards onto the bed. He tumbled after her. She held him by the hair. Their lips mashed together. Exploring. Remembering. Tasting. He reached behind her waist to undo her skirt, but got confused. It had been a while since he’d undressed a real woman. And this was a wraparound job. With a button on the inside. Somewhere.

“Let me,” she said after she could no longer bear his fumbling.

Rory remembered that it had been a very long time since his last shower. He casually tipped his head down and to the left and inhaled discreetly to check himself. Not bad. But there was a funny odour. “Is this your room?” he said.

“No, mine’s upstairs. Barb’s been staying here.”

Rory stopped. “Barb, the house-cleaner?”

“Yeah. But don’t worry, she’s gone for a while. Who cares?” She finally dropped her skirt onto the floor and flipped over, naked as a pre-paint Cornucopia model, pinned him down by the wrists and kissed his collarbone.