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Municipal hall renovations still pegged at $1.6 million



Construction work is well underway at municipal hall headquarters, and the $1.6 million renovation project is on budget, reported Resort Municipality of Whistler spokesperson Michele Comeau Thompson last week.

Renovations at the north end of the building look like they will be completed for just under $750,000, Comeau Thompson said. These north end improvements include trailers and an accessibility ramp to connect the parking lot and the municipal hall building to the Village Stroll. The work was budgeted in this year’s financial plan for $930,000.

She added that the price of the trailers has not changed and rests around $280,000 each.

Renovation work on the south end of the building has not yet begun, but Comeau Thompson said construction should take place over the next six months.

This part of the project is budgeted to cost $670,000 and will include building a chair lift so that people who use wheelchairs or have other disability needs can move more easily between floors. Additional improvements will also be made on the entranceway and external façade of the building.

The municipal hall building is about 35 years old and was originally located near Alta Lake as a Keg Steakhouse and Bar. The building was sold to the RMOW in 1982 for $1 and was renovated and moved to its current location. A previous expansion and renovation was completed in 1995.

The current renovation work has been planned for several years, although the size and scope of the project has changed. The work was planned because the building failed to meet the province’s building code. In particular, the building lacked wheelchair accessibility and did not provide enough workspace for all of the RMOW’s employees.

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