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Municipal CAO reports back on corporate progress

First Corporate Plan update delivered to council



When it comes to meeting its corporate goals, municipal CAO Mike Furey was pleased to report to council that local government is meeting most of its objectives.

Pleased, and to some extent, relieved that when it comes to measuring the goals set out last year and reporting the progress back to the community, it was good news to share.

"It was a leap of faith for us to put out these indicators, not really knowing how we would deliver on them," said Furey, in a media briefing Tuesday before his public presentation to council, updating the Corporate Plan 2012-1014. "It exposes your vulnerability (should you not deliver)."

In his first Corporate Plan update since the plan was adopted last summer, Furey outlined 28 key corporate indicators and how they are moving the municipality towards its corporate goals, or not, as the case may be.

By and large, most had a positive result — 21 of the 28 indicators getting a green stamp of approval reflecting positive results.

"I think overall a very positive year and some great work achieved," Furey told council.

Among the positive results was the proportion of community members who perceive the services provided by the RMOW to be good value for money, the economic impact of key festivals and events, and the proportion of community members who trust that local decision makers have the best interests of the resort community in mind when making decisions.

Only two goals were flagged red with negative or unsatisfactory results: the percentage of cost recovery at the Meadow Park Sports Centre at 54.5 per cent, and the proportion of residents satisfied with Whistler Transit service.

Councillor John Grills asked Furey if there was a target percentage recovery for Meadow Park given that most municipal rec centres are subsidized.

"We're not satisfied with the percentage of cost recovery that we have at this point," said Furey.

More work needs to be done before setting a definitive goal, he added.

"It's just a great piece of work," said Mayor Nancy Wilhelm-Morden, of the updated Corporate Plan, which is a companion document to the Five Year Financial Plan, and which flows out of the Council Action Plan.

Also included in the updated document is the addition of new projects on the 2013 municipal work plan. Among them is the municipal hall rejuvenation project, the master planning for the hostel site, and the detailed design for potential Alta Lake Rd. sewers (see related story on page 16).


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