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A review of the municipality’s organizational structure began last week with a meeting between council and Urban Systems consultants; review got into gear this week with meetings between the consultants and municipal staff. The consultants, Mel Shelley and Allan Neilson-Welch, have selected approximately 20 municipal staff members for private, confidential interviews. The 20 people come from all levels and departments within the municipality. Department heads compiled an initial representative list, which was reviewed and approved by the Staff Relations Committee. Employees not selected for interviews who would like to contribute can schedule an interview with the consultants. Interviews will also be done with members of council and managers. Following the interviews and data gathering the consultants will begin to assess the organizational structure, including isolating the most important structural and working relationship issues, defining the major organizational strengths and weaknesses, formulating recommendations to address the key issues and capitalize on major strengths, and create an action plan for implementation. Urban Systems expects to finish the review by March 22. The review was initiated late last year. Mayor Ted Nebbeling said at the time the explosive growth in the community had put municipal staff under considerable pressure. At about the same time Administrator Peter Kent went on medical leave for stress, Public Safety Director Tony Evans was suspended for five days and Bylaws superintendent Calvin Logue resigned.

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