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Multicultural Festival features international feast

Flavours of Italy, France, Persia, India and Mexico served in sample sizes



The person coordinating the food vendors for the Multicultural Festival in Whistler is from Belgium.

How perfect is that?

Ester Melotte of Watermark Communications says she came to Whistler three years ago from the Flemish area of Belgium, a town located about an hour away from Brussels, where the folks love their hop shoots, Belgian waffles and, of course, Belgian chocolate mousse. She reports that at least six vendors will be offering sample size dishes from France, Mexico, Italy, Persia and India. In addition to the country-specific offerings there is also going to be a baked goods tent featuring pastries, breads and bakery favourites contributed by people from various cultures.

According to Melotte, all the food offerings will be priced at sample size rates so festival visitors can sample a number of different foods and feast on favourites from around the world over the course of the evening.

"Everything is going to be up to a maximum of $4 per item," says Melotte. "It is more sample sized so that you can have one plate so you have the opportunity to go around and try each vendor."

The food retailers are going to be set up under tents in between the museum entrance and the Quattro front door just off Main Street.

"The festival will take place inside the library and the museum," Melotte says with the food sellers set up alongside a few outdoor activations.

The Mexican Corner will be one of the food vendors and they plan to serve up two classic Mexican choices. One will be a seafood dish featuring grilled bacon, jalapeno peppers and salad while the other dish features pork with a red cabbage salad.

Melotte says Crepe Montagne will sell classic French crepes while Quattro plans to offer two traditional Italian sample dishes for just $2 each or $3 for both. Quattro has been involved and supported the festival from its first year.

Tandoori Grill plans to make samosas with a variety of different stuffings available along with a number of flavoured Nan breads.

Persian food, says Melotte, is to be served up by a group of keeners who don't have a restaurant but do have a love of Persian food. She says this group was part of the fun last year and they plan to offer something similar to what they made available last year.

The bakery tent will feature treats from around the world baked by a number of different people with an interest in baked goods from their part of the globe.

Watermark is teaming up with the library and the museum along with the Whistler Multicultural Network.

Along with enjoying food from around the globe, the festival promises music, crafts, workshops, arts, dancing and martial arts demonstrations. The promoters are promising it will be a hit with kids so the whole family is invited along between 4 and 8 p.m. on Friday, June 21.

Arrive hungry and prepare to leave with an internationally stuffed stomach.