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mtn world meeting

President of Mountain World meets with deputy ministers Glenn Fawcett is not giving up on the possibility of "resurrecting" his bankrupt company, Mountain World Entertainment in Whistler. Although the company’s assets continue to fill the 19,000 square feet of space below the Whistler Conference Centre, the high-tech games room has been closed since June 3. Undaunted, Fawcett went ahead with a June 28 hearing with the Provincial Liquor Licensing Committee, in which Fawcett hoped to gain a special license to allow games and attractions within the restaurant and bar area of the room. Fawcett said he has until Sept. 3 to raise money for his bid to re-open Mountain World. If he is unsuccessful by that date the space used would then go back to the landlord, is the Whistler Resort Association. "The committee met with me for over two hours," Fawcett said in a press release. "They indicated that the results of their decision will be forwarded to me by mail and we will receive this decision by July 15." The five person committee was made up of provincial government deputy ministers and senior officials within the Liquor Control and Licensing Branch. Fawcett maintains that Mountain World’s "compelling circumstances and economic benefits warranted the special exercise of discretion" which would allow patrons to walk around the room, playing high tech games while drinking an alcoholic beverage. Food would also be served among the games if Fawcett’s unique application is granted. Much work must be done in addition to a new liquor licence if Fawcett hopes to get his company back from trustees Deloitte and Touche. "If we receive a positive response from this committee by July 15, then we will interpret this as a ‘go for the gusto’ signal to raise the additional financing to bring the company out of bankruptcy," Fawcett explained. "We would also raise additional financing to bring the company out of bankruptcy. We would also raise additional monies to change the floor-plan to accomplish the objective of making the facility more appealing to adults." Fawcett says it is unlikely he would go ahead with any fund-raising to re-claim Mountain World if the liquor licensing committee rejects his application to integrate alcohol with gameplay. "I would also like to thank those of you who sent letters to the B.C. government in support of us receiving a liquor license," Fawcett added as a post script to his press release. "(The letters) went a long way to helping us get this extraordinary hearing and the co-operation we have received from Victoria to date."

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