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Pee-yew - who let the skunk into the house?



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Telluride properties have sold well, but the mansions in Mountain Village, located at the other end of the gondola, remain overpriced, even after reductions of 9 to 30 per cent from 2007 peak prices, said Mike Shimkonis, of Telluride Properties.

"The prices have dropped, but properties haven't moved. They probably need to go lower," he told The Watch .

More evidence that buyers are being careful? At Telluride and Mountain Village, they seem to be turning up their noses at vacation homes of more than 4,500 feet.


Race owner fined for using motor on course

BRECKENRIDGE, Colo. - For certain actions, there must be consequences, the Forest Service has decided. The agency has fined the operator of a mountain bike race an undisclosed sum for using motorized means of clearing snow from a designated non-motorized trail.

The owner of the Firecracker 50 mountain bike race told the Summit Daily News that the snow was still five feet deep for long segments of the race course. He estimated it would have been 160 person hours to shovel by hand.


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