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Revelstoke tackles affordable housing



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Other notably remote areas, according to the new road-based technology, include the southeast corner of Yellowstone National Park, but also some wet places: swamps in Louisiana and lakes in Minnesota. At the opposite end, the most roaded place in the nation is Brooklyn.

In a lovely polarity, The Denver Post found somebody who grew up in Brooklyn and worked as a New York City firefighter before moving to Lake City two years ago. The two places aren’t so terribly different, said Louie Bevilacqua. He said Lake City is a very small, tight community — just like the one he had left in Brooklyn.


Backcountry homes to be capped

SUMMIT COUNTY, Colo. – Maps of Summit County show a checkerboard of private and public lands, a legacy of the mining era when prospectors were allowed to stake claims of 10.2 acres. The larger tracts allowed homesteaders were generally along the valley floors.

But in recent years, with the valley floors getting heavily developed, those wanting a house in the nestling pines have been looking at more remote locations — to the great concern of fire departments as well as county officials concerned about environmental impacts.

To that end, Summit County is trying to limit — not stop, but limit — how much building is done on private land in the backcountry. A new plan proposes to rezone 3,615 acres of private land into a new backcountry zone.

The regulations, if adopted, would affect 275 properties in the Snake River Basin near Keystone and the town of Montezuma. Another 66 properties would be affected in the Tenmile Basin, near Copper Mountain.

The Summit Daily News explains that the regulations would restrict the size of buildings. A two-acre parcel, for example, would be permitted a 750-square-foot cabin, and so on up to 35 acres, where the landowner would be permitted a home of up to 2,400 square feet. Landowners would be allowed to consolidate these scattered lots for purposes of building size on one lot, but would lose the right to build on the other lots.