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While reviewing the history of power production, museum visitors will be invited to examine the role of electrical power in our lives today — and consider the future. There will be an exhibit devoted to a hydrogen-powered race car, for example. Building techniques that result in low utility bills — and causing minimal use of energy — will be showcased. A solar power carousel is also planned.

The Rocky Mountain Institute has been retained to help retrofit the building to become energy efficient.


Fraser has hands on icebox title

FRASER, Colo. – The story appears to be all over except the shouting… or is it shivering? Fraser insists it won’t surrender the title of “Icebox of the Nation,” a nickname it began using in 1956. But International Falls, Minn., says it got the trademark for the name in 1986 and wants it back.

Fraser officials last year began checking the website for the U.S. Trademark Office, and discovered that International Falls had failed to reapply for the trademark 11 years ago.

After Fraser filed its new trademark application, International Falls professed indignation, and demanded that Fraser abandon its “pretended claim” for the title. The resolution adopted by town officials there called for the manner to deliver the request by snowball, if necessary.

For its part, reports the Winter Park Manifest, Fraser has sent several Fraser “Icebox of the Nation” T-shirts and one plastic penguin.

This story about cold was predictably hot, getting play from everybody from National Public Radio to The Los Angeles Times to the Fox television network.