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Vail takes ethnic scholarship program in-house



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REVELSTOKE, B.C. – A proposal to build a French immersion school is gaining momentum in Revelstoke. The Revelstoke Times Review reports that while there has been talk for some time, pledges have been made for 19 students in kindergarten next year.

Proponents say the French program would be a valuable addition to Revelstoke, where an increasingly robust tourism economy is expected as a ski resort, Mount MacKenzie, is expanded. Revelstoke also expects more residents based on the quality of life, and for some prospective residents, a French immersion school is among the important amenities.


Park City cleans up

PARK CITY, Utah – In Park City, as in so many other former mining districts of the West, the resort boom continues to remediate the mining boom of the last century.

There, a former mining claim where silver was mined from 1920 to 1935 is being cleaned up by a development firm, called King Development Group, and also the city government. There was no cost estimate for the cleanup.

“We have a thin veneer of resort over 100 years of heavily industrial mining activity,” observes Myles Rademan, Park city’s director of public affairs.

Active mining continued until mid-way through the 20 th century at Park City, whose silver lode was said to be second in the United States only to the Comstoke Lodge of the Sierra Nevada, and limited mining even persisted within the last 20 years, says Rademan.

Today, Park city gets 40 per cent of its water from abandoned mining tunnels, although the water has high concentrations of heavy metals, and hence must be cleaned up at great expense.

Also involved in cleanup operations in Park City is Colorado-based East West Partners, which has removed hundreds of thousands of yards of polluted soil and other material to make an area at Empire Pass developable.


Aspen vehicle making comeback

ASPEN, Colo. – In the 1970s, Dodge manufactured a car called the Aspen that was designed to be more fuel-efficient. In the wake of the oil embargo of 1973, consumers cared about such things. Whether the car was all that economical is another matter. It didn’t survive long.

Now, with gas prices marching upward again, this time backed by growing concerns about green-house emissions, consumers are again caring about fuel efficiency. And Dodge, which is part of Chrysler, is again issuing a vehicle called the Aspen, this time an eight-passenger SUV, reports The Aspen Times.