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Vail takes ethnic scholarship program in-house



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One strategy is a mid-week season pass offered at a cost of $700. The ski company hopes to see 9,000 to 13,000 skiers a day, but not peak days surging past 18,000. And to do that it hopes to improve the return rate of visitors.

Whistler-Blackcomb has topped 2 million skier visits for several years in a row.


Sight but no sign of griz

LEADVILLE, Colo. – Two hunters believe they saw grizzly bears near Independence Pass, located in the Sawatch Range between Aspen and Leadville. Because the hunters have had past experience with both black bears and grizzly bears while in Alaska, the Colorado Division of Wildlife considers the two hunters credible.

However, neither the hunters, who studied the bears from a distance of 80 yards using field glasses and rifle scopes, nor wildlife biologists who later scoured the area, could find tracks or scat to confirm the sightings, reports The Aspen Times. This was during Colorado’s first big snowfall of the season.

Grizzly bears were mostly gone from Colorado by the early 1940s, and were thought extinct until 1979, when a hunting guide killed a grizzly in the San Juan Mountains near the New Mexico border.

“Ghost Grizzlies,” a 1994 book by Durango-based author David Petersen, narrated a search for remaining grizzly bears and found strong evidence in support of a small population of grizzlies in the same area, one of Colorado’s most remote. It remains remote partly because much of the access is across private land, and partly because it is so distant from major population centers.


Vail rethinking low-cost housing

VAIL, Colo. – Vail municipal officials during the last decade have steadily erected ever-more deed-restricted housing in an effort to ensure that it does not become a de facto gated community. The town now has 624 deed-restricted homes, or 9 per cent of all the housing stock. Town officials believe that 30 per cent of the town’s workforce live in town, which is considered something of a minimum.

But that may not be enough. First, the number of jobs is expanding. The town is redeveloping. That construction has added 1,500 new jobs. When the bigger, bulkier buildings are complete, according to projections by the town government, the businesses and lodging in them are expected to generate an increase of 2,115 jobs.