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Tempers flare at immigration forum



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Another archer, Ryson Arnold, also labeled the photo as a low blow. Not only is hunting expensive, but it is very difficult – and rarely inhumane, as he contended the published photo suggested.


Fractional ownership coming

KETCHUM, Idaho – New plans are afoot for a hotel in Ketchum. The city council three years ago approved plans for an 80-room hotel, but the developer said investors were interested in a hotel only if the rooms could be sold as fractional units. While existing regulations still do not allow fractional units as such, revisions are being studied. Anticipating those revisions, the hotel plans call for 18 or 19 residential units. The hotel is proposed to be 58 feet, with a 10-foot setback, reports the Idaho Mountain Express. That is 10 feet taller than the previous proposal, but also far taller than what is now found at the location.


Counties considering 5-person commissions

SUMMIT COUNTY, Utah –Two resort counties in the West are thinking about emulating the experience of Pitkin County, where Aspen is located, by adopting a five-member board of commissioners.

The argument in Colorado’s Eagle County, where Vail is located, is that five commissioners will allow a broader representation. The county already has an administrator, to execute the policies set by the commissioners.

In Utah’s Summit County, where Park City is found, county commissioners both set policy and execute it, looking after roads, and other functions directly themselves. But the proposal would delegate that administration to a designated county manager.

Proponents of this change brought in Hilary Smith, the Pitkin County manager. She makes $130,000 annually, reports the Park Record. Smith said that by coordinating with the elected officials — the sheriff, clerk and so forth — she can save the county money and prevent officials from isolating themselves.