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Reeves lost a portion of his hearing as a result of the strike, he suffers from paralysis on one side of his face, and there is some evidence of cataracts forming in his eyes. He is sore and has burn wounds healing, doesn’t sleep well, and suffers from alternating periods of anxiety, pain, and numbness. High blood pressure, never a problem before, is cropping up.

Reeves and his wife, Deb, want others to know that there are small, handheld devices that can tell a person how close the centre of an electrical storm is. One such device is called Strike Alert.

Rare tick disease reported

LAKE TAHOE, Calif. — Tick-borne relapsing fever is being reported at Lake Tahoe at what health officials say is an unprecedented pace.

Five cases were reported in the area last year, and this year there have been three. This compares to only 25 cases of the fever in the United States. The disease is endemic to high-elevation coniferous forests in the West, notes the Tahoe Daily Tribune.

People contract the disease from soft ticks, which live in the nests of small animals like mice and chipmunks. Rustic, rodent-infested cabins are often a source of the disease.

Jackson stews about streakers

JACKSON HOLE, Wyo. — Jackson Hole continues to stew about the future of the Demolition Derby, the concluding event of the Teton County Fair. The event draws huge crowds, sells lots of beer, and makes lots of money that helps subsidize other events at the fair.

But the party-like atmosphere has drawn streakers in recent years. Many people think the nudity makes the event unsuitable for children. And the way police have handled those streakers – with Taser electric stun guns and handcuffs – has angered others.

Instead of ending the event, as some have proposed, the governing fair board intends to stay the course, reports the Jackson Holes News & Guide. Some board members think that stiff sentences for the two streakers at this summer’s Demolition Derby could go a long way to discouraging streaking at future events.

A streaker last year got off with 40 hours of community service. This year, one streaker is being charged with endangering children, among other crimes.

Base building would exceed 100 feet

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS, Colo. — A project described as a catalyst for redevelopment of the base area at the Steamboat Springs ski area has received the blessings of the city’s planning commission. As so often the case in base-area redevelopments, however, there was dissent about the size of buildings.