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Revelstoke wants bigger museum

REVELSTOKE, B.C. — As part of its effort to transform itself from a town premised on resource extraction to that of tourism and place-based real estate development, Revelstoke wants to improve its forestry museum. The plan, reports the Revelstoke Times Review, has been seven years in the making.

The current museum is to be expanded almost five fold. The new museum is to be open year round, instead of just summers. The museum will tell about logging camps, the flumes and steam trains used to transport logs, and the sawmills, among other topics. Total cost is pegged at nearly $10.6 million.

Aspen hospital may link with Cleveland

APSEN, Colo. — Having recovered financially, the Aspen Valley Hospital is now negotiating a possible affiliation with the Cleveland Clinic, a multi-specialty centre considered one of the top medical organizations in the United States.

The affiliation would allow the hospital to piggyback onto the Cleveland Clinic’s state-of-the-art electronic record-keeping, and also diagnostic and consultancy technology. Creating its own would require about $6.5 million said John Jellinek, a hospital board member.

The hospital and clinic have been in negotiations for two years. Earlier, the hospital had attempted to forge a similar affiliation with the Hospital of Special Surgery in New York. What had killed that affiliation was Aspen Valley’s dire financial straights – it faced losses in the millions of dollars as the result of a failure to collect payments. Now, it has a cash balance of $22 million, reports The Aspen Times.

Crested Butte wants retail shops

CRESTED BUTTE, Colo. — The Crested Butte Town Council is again taking a hard look at stopping the proliferation of real estate and other non-retail offices in the downtown retail and restaurant district.

As drafted, explains the Crested Butte News, the law would also exclude new outfitters, travel agencies, and property management firms from ground-floor locations along Elk Avenue, Crested Butte’s main street. In yet another zone, beauty or barbershops would be excluded, as would spas, and art or dance studios.

The goal in all this is to push retail, a facet of the town’s tourism economy. Retail sales have been flat in recent years. Retail sales also provide the largest portion of taxes that support municipal services.