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Mountain biking drops in popularity



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In another sign of rising tide, Durango is annexing the land currently occupied by the Rocket Drive-In. In its place will go 1,675 condominiums in eight separate storeys. Initial approval will allow the buildings to be up to 52 feet high.

Copper thieves on a roll

SUMMIT COUNTY, Colo. — The booming world economy that has stirred talk of reopening mines in the Rocky Mountains is also causing problems for building contractors.

Among the commodities with sharply increased prices is copper. As such, thievery is copper is becoming rampant. Contractors called Breckenridge police five times within 10 days about missing copper wire, roofing, and fittings, reports the Summit Daily News. Across Vail Pass, police in Vail reported a $5,000 copper theft.

29 th time still charming for runner

SILVERTON, Colo. — If tradition was served, Steve Wolff last weekend ran up Silverton’s Kendall Mountain, a gain of almost 4,000 vertical feet over the course of 12 miles. It was his 29 th run up the mountain during the town’s annual running competition.

Wolff, an art gallery owner and homebuilder, tells the Silverton Standard that he’s not as aggressive about the run as he was when younger. "I peaked a long time ago," he says. "But the fire never totally leaves. Now I just enjoy it. I didn’t enjoy it for years."

His advice to novice runners up the 13,066-foot mountain? Look down while they’re running, because it looks flatter that way. Plus, take it one step at a time.

Steamboat going underground for heat

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS, Colo. — Steamboat Springs is looking into installing an extensive snow-melt system in the redeveloped base area that is now being planned. Conventionally, the energy for melting the snow would have come from a natural-gas fired boiler. But Steamboat is looking into the potential of drawing upon heated underground water sources, as the region has at least two hot springs. A geologic study is planned.