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Eagle mulling summer flights to Chicago



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This court case is the result of a challenge by the Natural Resources Defense Council, the National Parks Association, and the Sierra Club, who argue that the town improperly conducted its environmental review as required by California law. Those same groups also won a parallel federal case that has caused the Federal Aviation Administration, which would pay for the bulk of the work, to do a more extensive environmental review.

The FAA has also threatened the town with withdrawing funding for the project because of commercial development allowed at the airport, making the airport potentially unsafe for 757s.

Jackson Hole P.O’d

JACKSON, Wyo. — Like many ski towns in the American West, the only way to get mail to Jackson is at a post office box, even if some in the outside world think post office boxes are the sign of some suspicious if not sleezy activity.

That’s just the way it was done in small towns. People in the country got rural-free delivery, and those in bigger cities got street delivery. But in small towns, you had to rent a box.

In Jackson, however, there is now a call for delivery to neighbourhoods. It seems that some merchants such as L.L. Bean and send packages to post offices for pickup by customers, to avoid the higher shipment costs to individual doors. But when customers don’t have a post office box rented, the Postal Service returns the packages. During the Christmas rush, the Jackson Post Office returned 50 to 100 parcels a day due to insufficient addresses.

This left plenty of people P.O.’d, reports the Jackson Hole News & Guide. However, Postal Service representatives say delivery to homes clearly won’t happen. The Postal Service ceased to take on door-to-door delivery several decades go.

The quasi-pubic agency will deliver to cluster boxes, but in most ski towns people have been unwilling to have cluster boxes. In some cases, people think the boxes clutter the street, plus there’s always the matter of keeping them clear of snow.

Lynx produce kittens

CREEDE, Colo. — Wildlife researchers have documented the birth of 36 Canada lynx in Colorado this year, spurring hopes that the species will become established. At least 85 of the 166 cats released in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado five years ago are known to be alive.

Most encouraging to wildlife biologists is that several lynx that had kittens last year had more this year. "Putting a litter out every year shows they’re in good habitat," Tanya Shenk, the program’s lead researchers, told The Associated Press.