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Two years ago, though, the whistle was removed because the supporting post was rotting. Now, Steamboat hopes to have a whistle again. "It's part of our community character," said Tracy Barnett, executive director of Mainstreet Steamboat Springs.

The group has raised $5,000, enough to buy a whistle that sounds like a train. But the group hopes to get a larger kitty in order to get a more authentic steamboat whistle, which has a lower pitch, reports the Steamboat Pilot & Today.

Locals tell the newspaper that they believe the whistle was originally designed to summon firefighters, who thought a noon-hour venting would be appropriate in order to daily test whether it was working. In the 1950s, the use of the whistle was changed to an ear-shattering siren and used to practice Cold War-era drills.


MAMMOTH LAKES, Calif. - The Sheet, a newspaper in Mammoth Lakes, tongue-in-cheek went out to interview Christine Lozoski, who is 56 and, after years of working in a library, now works at a bakery. The newspaper was intent on knowing whether the woman is actually as cheerful as she always seemed, or whether it was just a guise. The newspaper found no evidence that the woman put on a special game mask when she went to work. But she did allow that she tried to sell sweets to customers so she didn't eat them herself.


Universities looking for dark-sky places

RIDGWAY, Colo. - Ridgway, with its hay fields set against the grand views of the San Juan Mountain Range, is one of the prettiest places in the West. And, because of its relative distance from ski resorts (Telluride is about an hour away), interstate highways, and airports, it still has a relatively small population.

Still, like everybody, the locals would like to grow their economic pie. The Telluride Watch says that economic consultant Deanne Sheriff recently told the local chamber that one thing Ridgway and nearby Ouray have going for them is that very lack of development but also regulations limiting light-pollution.

"Did you know there are three universities looking for a place for observatories," she asked. "You have an advantage.