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For most people, it's smaller than where they came from, and that's just fine with them.

For long-time residents, though, the movement has been in the other direction. Asked how the town had changed, one local of several decades residency said: "It used to be that I knew most people and I didn't know a few people. Now it's the opposite."

Glass sees music like a stream

TELLURIDE, Colo. - Phillip Glass, the composer known for the repetitive nature of his synthesizer-based music, one theme slowly transitioning into another, was in Telluride recently as the composer-in-residence for the seventh annual Musicfest. He's been to Telluride several times before, including to the major film festival held on Labour Day Weekend.

Glass has written pieces for movies, although he considers his work operatic. Too busy to take a long hike while in Telluride, Glass was busy making revisions on his upcoming opera, "Kepler,ˮ and has also been working on an opera based on the life and death of Walt Disney.

But what he enjoys most, Glass told The Telluride Watch, is playing the playing the piano by himself. "I've always considered music an underground stream that runs through a person," he says. "Sometimes you're surprised by what comes out."

Charles in charge at Lake Tahoe

SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, Calif. - After the Angora fire destroyed several hundred homes near South Lake Tahoe in 2006, former professional basketball player and cultural icon Charles Barkley donated $100,000 to victims and hosted a dinner for all firefighters.

In response, South Lake Tahoe proclaimed Charles Barkley Day. The proclamation noted that Barkley, although not the best golfer, still had won the "hearts of many on Lake Tahoe's Southshore."

This year, reports the Tahoe Daily Tribune, Barkley has donated another $90,000. He was scheduled to be at Lake Tahoe for a golf tournament.