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"It's not cheap, but it's high-quality, nutrient-dense rich milk, which is not on the shelf," the non-profit's director told The Aspen Times.

Doctors are split on the benefits of non-pasteurized milk.

"We've been pasteurizing milk for close to 100 years, and there's a reason," said Dr. Morris Cohen, medical officer for Pitkin County, who also serves on the Aspen municipal board of health. He advised the community to be wary of milk that hadn't been pasteurized.

Three times as many cases of food-borne illnesses involving dairy products occur as compared to produce and meat products, Cohen said. "The benefits of raw milk are so far outweighed by the risks of consuming bad bacteria. So why take the risk?"

The counter perspective comes from a naturopathic doctor in Basalt. Dr. Jody Powell told the Times that nutrients in raw milk help assuage symptoms of afflictions like arthritis, asthma and auto-immune illnesses.

"The idea with pasteurization is that if we just cook the milk to death, then we can kill the dangerous bacteria, which is true," Powell said. "But then you create a sterile product."

Responds Cohen: "You want a vitamin? Go to a vitamin store and get a daily vitamin supplement."