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Selling the Grand County newspapers is Bill Johnson, who enjoyed a monopoly there beginning in 1984.


Campaign donations near $100,000

ASPEN, Colo. – Donations for the campaigns of mayor candidates in Aspen has neared $100,000. Tim Semrau, who came in second in an initial election, reported contributions of $50,000. Mick Ireland, who came in first in that initial election, reported $40,000. The two candidates square off in the run-off election on June 5.


Reno-New York direct flights in works

RENO, Nev. – The Reno-Tahoe International airport is working with Delta Airlines on a non-stop flight to New York City. Airport authorities are also hoping to add links to Washington D.C., Detroit and Minneapolis, as well as southern California.

These flights, if they occur, may help boost the Truckee-Tahoe area’s transition to more of a destination for tourism, similar to Colorado mountain resorts, Jackson Hole, and Park City.


Revelstoke retirees worried

REVELSTOKE, B.C. – Seeing the forces building for rapid transformation of Revelstoke, an old logging and mining town soon to become a major international ski resort, local retirees Frank and Marina Huyler are worried. They report checking out mountain towns from New Mexico to Montana, but found very few of the “friendly, walk-able, picturesque towns surrounded by great scenery” that they have in Revelstoke.

“The towns have lost their feel for open space, mountain air, a big sky, and peace and quiet — in general their sense of freedom and closeness to nature,” they write in the Revelstoke Times Review. “Without care and caution, we’ll end up looking like Canmore or Banff.”


Aspen limits construction activity

ASPEN, Colo. – Responding to calls for more peace and quiet, the Aspen City Council is more sharply limiting construction activities, and is allocating $150,000 to hire two new code-enforcement officers to back up the law. Previously there was just one such officer.

The new law, reports The Aspen Times, limits construction to 10 hours a day, compared to 12 previously. However, the council refused to ban construction on Saturdays, although work sites remain shut down on federal holidays and during the so-called Aspen holidays of large special events.

Also new is a cap on sound, at 80 decibels — about the sound of a vacuum sweeper, or halfway between a normal conversation and a Walkman at full volume.